Qualitative Research Worth Your Time


LOVE THE JOURNEY …(MAP)  #1 reason products and service fail is because the users needs and desires are misjudged. 
Ethnography, specifically the Journey Map is at the forefront of researching new product or service prototypes. Business analyst and product strategist (UX product team)   Continue reading “Qualitative Research Worth Your Time”

Chicken vs. Egg …UX vs. UI

Simple-282x231User Experience is the usability strategy of product, be they mobile applications, wearables, or virtual reality software. User Experience is not User Interface design or ‘user interface engineering’. Product usability strategy is the nucleus of the brand. This blog post will clarify the UX practitioner’s relationship to UI and other project disciplines and illustrate  Continue reading “Chicken vs. Egg …UX vs. UI”

Content Strategy…strategy

‘It is tempting to product content that matters to you but it is not smart and it is not strategic’ -John Lavin, Professor of Communications, Northwestern University. “Content Strategy uses credible, trustworthy, transparent media to communicate stories     Continue reading “Content Strategy…strategy”